I’m sensitive.

When things start feeling bad, we should stop doing the thing that makes us feel bad. I work in an industry where I mainly talk to women for 10 hours a day and if there’s ever a time when you think you don’t have someone to talk to, go to a nail salon. I promise that there will always be someone there who is interested in chatting.

I’ve been talking a lot about sensitivity lately and how I find it difficult to understand that people can be so proud to be insensitive. Slinging words like “whiney,” “snowflake,” “cry me a river,” when someone is expressing their problems is heartless and I think when it comes to the internet, people feel powerful behind the mask. We exchange negative commentary and call it playful debating but I honestly don’t believe there is such a thing on a platform like Facebook. 

We ought to be careful with our words. In my personal opinion, we could also be a little more mindful in our sometimes lack of empathy.

I’m really not sure whether it’s because I’m getting older or that I’m a mother or maybe it’s just who I am — but I’ve certainly become a lot more sensitive to things. I was bullied as a child and it never really bothered me as much as how social media is bothering me now. Maybe it’s because of the exposure of everyone’s constant thoughts and opinions, and life events. My goodness, when people share videos of people abusing children or abusing animals — I think to myself, “why are you sharing this?” It’s too much. It’s too fucking extra.

I’ve taken my feelings into account and sharing less of my negative opinions on things. If your words are not meant to encourage, empower, and inspire then I think it would be best to just keep them to yourself. Be one less voice in an already noisy world because maybe then, we can quiet the madness. 

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