Can’t sleep but I’m tired.

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I was really close to getting political on here but I’m going to use every ounce of willpower not to. You’re welcome. I didn’t really think this through when I said I’ll write something everyday. It’s only day 2 and I almost forgot. Luckily insomnia has taken over and I’m not falling asleep. I wonder what other people do when they can’t sleep. Are they like me and want to snack? I just heated a hot pocket and I’m not the least bit ashamed about that. I hate the nights when I feel tired but can’t sleep. It’s also during these nights that I can’t seem to concentrate much on anything. I tried reading but when I kept reading the same sentence four times in a row, I knew it was time to stop.

A client at work had asked me whether or not I’ve planned my next trip yet. It was depressing to tell her that I hadn’t. We’re on a tighter budget lately because we’re planning to uproot ourselves and head over to the west coast where the waves are gnarly, and the taco stands are endless. But it’s really killing me that I don’t have a trip planned. Maybe I’ll do little day trips here and there. Something to keep some sort of excitement from the daily routine of everyday life.

That’s the thing about travelling — it’s highly addictive. You get this sense in your tummy that’s telling you it’s time to go. Hop in the car, on that plane, and out of your comfort zone. I can’t relate to those who are homebodies because this freedom of exploration is much too good. We’re only this young once, so why not just go?

The thing that massively contributed to my desire to travel was first ignited through the books that I’ve read as a kid. I only read fiction then and I love the idea of formulating stories. Details were very important and I think that’s how I’ve grown to become this person who loves reiterating points, haha. I give unnecessary bits of details because I want to have people feel the vibe as though they were living through it. I want people to taste that lemon sorbet just through hearing my words. That’s weird, right? Alright, I should just get some sleep now. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be less cringey with my writing.

When you can’t sleep, what sort of things do you think about?

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